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4X4 off Road

Peru 4x4 and offroad trips

Have fun, adventure, and excitement while exploring Peru and its regions, in your own private 4x4 vehicle. It is possible to rent all types of 4x4 vehicles to people who want to experience something more exciting in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and their surroundings.

Visit Quillabamba (a mid – jungle town located 8 hours from Cusco) and drive through the most incredible route as you enjoy the impressive view and scenery of the vegetation of the jungle or choose to traverse through one of the world´s highest rally routes.

Exciting trips with different routes are available, so you can choose from different destinations and archeological sites.

PosSible options

There are two rental options:

1. The rental of the 4x4 vehicle model that you desire, for your individual purpose, and for the length of time desired. To make your experience complete, you can rent the vehicle with a professional, experienced driver who will guide you through Peru.

2. The rental of the vehicle without a driver, but you must possess an international driver´s license and provide a deposit. With this option, you can choose a pre-made trips or arrange your own trip. There are specialist agencies that will supply you with maps and advice so you will get the maximal pleasure during your trip.

It is possible to take trips by difficult highways and trails , for tourists, mining companies, ONGs, construction companies of highways and irrigations, camellid zones of Puno, and other tourist zones such as: The National Park of the Manu, archaeological Native Communities and Farmers, Cusco and its monuments, jungle Zones of Cirialo, Tintiniquiato, Quincemil, Maldonado, Cooperatives of auquénidos and camelidaes in Puno, Hotsprings of Puno, Lares and La Raya, Canyon of the Colca and any other zone of interest you may have.