Peru travel - horseback riding trips and tours in the Andes of Peru, the sacred valley of the Incas has great riding trails

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Horse Back Riding

Peru Horseback riding

Convoys of men conquer roads and treasure unforgettable adventures, when Horseback Riding non-stop in a land that offers immense, captivating and unsuspected landscapes, filled of magic, tradition and history. 

Searching for impressive geographies. Breaking the routine: maybe a couple of days, perhaps a whole week, depending on the spirit, the energy and the desires... also on the climate that, with its whims and unexpected variations, modifies and sometimes blocks paths.Horseback Riding in Peru will definetely be an unforgettable experience.

In the last few years Horseback Riding has been more intensely practiced in the Andean countries, especially in Peru, thanks to their attractive beaches, captivating nooks in the mountains and highlands, as well as their millennial archeological monuments, transforming them into one of the geographical areas with better natural scenarios, for this amusing and touching activity, Horseback Riding.


Riding for small or long tracts. Feeling the caresses of the wind and enjoying the trot of a fine horse... but it is necessary to stop a while for the well deserved rest of rider and horse; then, one can converse with co-riders or appreciate some of the shades of the Andean culture: colorful dances, moving music, exquisite food.

In the Andean world, you will find lots of places where to go horseriding in company of efficient tourist guides, without pause or setbacks. If you are looking to conquer the roads in Peru and treasure adventures in the Andes this will definitively be an interesting option.

The pause is momentary. The adventurers know that they should return to the road, to continue discovering the charms of the Andean lands. Then do not hesitate a minute in joining our Horseback Riding adventure in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia.