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Peru Kayaking

Kayaking in Peru is not all that easy, but man is the whitewater worth it!

You feel the vertiginous fury of the waters and the treacherous blow of sharp stones; the kayak quivers, jumps, sifts and you have to row with perseverance and passion, while your heart accelerates its beat and the fatigue appears and you grit your teeth... soon you will hardly have forces to dominate the rapids of a river that bellows and rears up. Kayaking in the rivers of Peru will be an unforgettable experience.

And everything is fast in this fascinating adventure of going kayaking, sprinkled with emotion and adrenaline, in this atavistic fight between man and nature, in which you have to row and row to cut through the waters of a river of the coast or face the crystalline torrent that is born in the summits of the mountain range or the powerful flow of a giant in the rainforest.

The mighty and deep rivers of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, are an authentic and irresistible challenge for lovers of rafting and kayaking, two of the sport activities more practiced in this region, because everybody can feel the turbulence of the rapids that go from level I, ideal for novices, up to level VI, feared even by the experts.

To face the Andean rivers, to fight against the snakes or amarus, as they were called by the ancient Quechuas, is an experience that will put you on the edge of risk and danger. Come on, pick up your oars and let yourself be invaded by adrenaline. Kayaking in Peru will be an unforgettable experience. You won't regret it.

Definitely our favorite river in this regard was the Cotohuasi River (now officially the deepest canyon in the world). This four to six day section starts off with a nice warm up section before dropping into some of the best creeking around. In places the canyon closes in and the gradient increases to around 45 meters per kilometer.