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Peru: Madre de Dios department

Peru: Madre de Dios department

Location: Southeast of Perú. 

Area: 85 183 km2 

Capital: Puerto Maldonado (183 masl) 


-Minimum: 183 masl (Puerto Maldonado) 

-Maximum: 500 masl (Boca Manu)


Mother of God is formed principally by alluvial plains of three and up to four levels of terraces. The lowest are submitted to annual floods and are generally swampy. The Mother's south of God is dominated by the buttresses of Carabaya's Mountain chain. In the western part, in the zone where there is the east of the Rio Manu, there exist hills of few elevation, between which there is located Fitzcarrald's Isthmus, which they form the waterdivide between the rivers Mother of God and Urubamba.


Puerto Maldonado

It is said that the Amazon forest is the only place that gives one the sensation of witnessing the dawn of time.



Manu National Park | Mariposas | Bajuaja Sonone


Adventure Sports

Kayaking in the Jungle.


Tourism Madre de Dios department

This circuit combines the archaeological and cultural legacy of Cuzco with Peru's greatest natural treasure: the Manu National Park.


Visitors are advised to take the one-hour flight to Cuzco, where recent arrivals should rest up due to the high altitude. Cuzco is a unique example of the blend of native and colonial architecture, where visitors will find colonial constructions built on top of Inca foundations. The surrounding region also features many attractions: the town and church of Andahuaylillas, the Ollantaytambo fortress and the town of Pisac are just a few of the many attractions to be found in Cuzco, which are crowned by a visit to the citadel of Machu Picchu. 


From Cuzco the road heads down to the Manu National Park, a journey that can take from 9-12 hours down to the villages of Atalaya and Shintuya, from where one continues by boat for another 5-6 hours. There are also 30-minute flights from Cuzco to Boca Manu, from where the boat ride takes 4-6 hours. The Manu teems with record numbers of species of plants, birds, insects, butterflies, mammals and reptiles, and is doted with an extraordinary diversity of eco-systems. The area is best visited from May to August. Visitors should bring insect repellent and sunblock.