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Mountain Biking

Peru Mountain Biking travel

The road is narrow, maybe too much: there are puddles of water, mud, bloodchilling curves, vertiginous descents and thousands of little stones; but it is beautiful and provokes to take the risk, to rush along them and to travel them by force of pedal, to reach the skirts of that mountain dressed of snow, the waters of a lagoon that reflects the sky. Mountain biking in Peru will be an unforgettable experience.

Leaning on the handlebars. The body inclined forward, feeling the resistance of the wind, tolerating the blows of the road. Pedalling and braking to avoid puddles, biking the fallen shingle from the hills; and, in the peal of the descent, the speed transforms the mountain range and the valleys into a diffused combination of colors and forms.

Audacity and anger characterize the mountain biking lovers that travel, in their "metal steeds", the abrupt paths and trails of the Peru. When doing it, they don't only put on test their stealthness, dexterity and resistance, in front of the multiple difficulties of the road, but they also discover wonderful landscapes, towns suspended in the past or ancient remains of the pre-Hispanic civilizations.

Biking in the mountain heights, in the coasts of the Pacific, in the hot forests, contemplating snowcaps, lagoons, gulches or deserts fringed by undulant dunes, are only some of the alternatives that the mountain biking lovers can find in Peru, full of exciting roads that lead to places of unimaginable beauty.

Thanks to its intricate geography, the region is a privileged place for the practice of mountain biking, infinite routes and exciting circuits, in which the emotion of a challenge, the splendour of nature and cultural exchange with the residents are mixed.

In the Andean countries it is possible to pedal at sea level or in the mountain heights, in routes that present diverse attractions and levels of difficulty. Don't allow yourself to be discouraged by doubts and be prepared to survey the magnificence of this part of the planet, from the seat of your mountain bike.