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Peru Yoga and Spa journeys

Join us on a journey to the majestic land of the ancient Inca, heart of the healing feminine energies on the planet today. From charming and picturesque Cusco, to the lush and verdant Sacred Valley of the Incas, to enigmatic and mysterious Machu Picchu, the Crown Jewel of the Andes, and to serene and nurturing Lake Titicaca, Peru offers visually stimulating and profoundly nurturing experiences that will rejuvenate, restore and heal your body, mind and spirit…on deep levels!

The ancient pre-Inca and Inca cultures that lived in Peru thousands of years ago have passed on a rich legacy of rituals, ceremonies, healing practices and other esoteric information that is just as valuable to our spiritual growth today as it was during their time. During our time in Peru we will connect on deep levels with the magic and mystery of these ancient teachings and bring them into our lives! According to an ancient Inca legend, we are living in the time of the Pachacuti – a time when the world is turned upside down and a new consciousness emerges…a time when we must go within, heal the wounds of the past, use the power of our healing to assist others in theirs, and create a healing community of the heart. During our time in the most powerful feminine energy vortex on the planet today, Jorge and Andrea will offer the group traditional Andean ceremonies to assist us to connect with the apus (sacred mountains) and Pachamama (the Mother Earth) and to explore the mysteries and magic of the ancient Incas and to balance our male and female energies and further open our heart centers...for our personal, as well as planetary healing.

Lake Titicaca, the center of the Andean feminine healing energies, offers you a very unique opportunity to celebrate the most sacred day in the Andean world, Winter Solstice, in very meaningful ways.